Africa - The Malaria Parasites

This is the untold story of how the global racket in fake drugs turned an easily curable disease into Africa’s biggest child killer.

According to a team of courageous African health officials and Oxford University scientists, millions of children could have been saved if the pharmaceutical industry and World Health Organisation had collaborated to address the problem. But it’s not only criminals who leave patients to die, as the team’s investigation reveals a cover-up by UK pharmaceutical giant Glaxo Smith Kline, in this film and in their Public Library of Science Medicine article (PLoS Medicine 2, e100).

Now, signs are emerging that malaria is developing resistance to the one effective drug which can still treat it. It’s a development which threatens patients all over the world. But - after decades of silence - has the WHO left it too late to act?

TRAC Producer Robert Cockburn    Distributor: Journeyman Pictures

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