What can stop the personal agony and isolation of mental illness in Australia? And stop the massive financial cost in public health spending? See TRAC’s new video:GROW.

Australia faces a mental health crisis of rising suicides rates, broken people and families - at a huge financial cost to everyone. But one small community self-help group is defying trends, saving lives and a fortune in public health spending. 

Grow is the Australian mental health group set up for the poorest and most isolated people. Free of charge, members meet weekly in safe small confidential groups to speak openly and without fear or judgement about their illnesses. The effect is astonishing, giving comfort and support and changing lives: nearly half of Grow’s regular members report cutting out their need for hospital stays. By themselves they are breaking the stigma of mental illness.

Meet Claire, an ex-armed robber, arsonist and safe-cracker, talking with her friend Frank, an account and head of a treasury department. Grow’s success now draws wealthy middle class members to its gentle and effective meetings. With its success, Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove has become Grow’s Patron, and provides the introduction to this video.

Grow asked TRAC to makes this video using our years of experience in the health field and sensitive approach to the most vulnerable people. It was great to make this one. 

Discover their courageous stories as members go on the record for the first time to help others face the agony of their mental health problems, in the latest TRAC Production on YouTube.


TRAC Producer Robert Cockburn
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