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TRAC Productions honours all Traditional Owners of Country in Australia

TRAC Productions makes vivid and exclusive programmes that go around the world. Producer Robert Cockburn’s broadcast work is for the BBC, National Geographic and Journeyman Pictures. Robert is a journalist and a drama writer for stage and screen. A former correspondent in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq for The Observer and BBC, he has worked widely for the BBC, UK Guardian and The Times as well as writing for the Public Library of Science Medicine, Amnesty International, The American Prospect, the satirical Private Eye and many others.

The Instrument at Wurdi Youang

The astonishing story of Australia’s ancient Aboriginal astronomy

For tens of thousands of years Australia’s Aboriginal people charted the movement of stars and planets with astonishing accuracy and understanding. Almost wiped out by British colonisation, the lost genius of ancient Aboriginal astronomy is being rediscovered.

At Wurdi Youang near Melbourne, a stone arrangement has been found to change all understanding of human development and history. Built using astronomy and geometry, its stones align precisely at the Summer and Winter Solstices – a calendar accurate to this day. The Instrument at Wurdi Youang challenges the racism still faced by Aboriginal people, the world’s oldest surviving civilization. We recognise Traditional Owners Uncle Bryon Powell and Bonnie Fagan.

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A short political comedy

Now on You Tube, a spookily prophetic comedy of secret political lovers facing disaster. Before Gladys and Daryl, came Australia’s fictitious NSW Transport Minister Rosa and her political rival and lover, Dick. Caught in Sydney traffic, can the conflicted couple escape a corruption rap?
Produced by Robert Cockburn and Elizabeth Tadic
Starring Jenny Apostolou, Hugh Wade, Elizabeth Tadic with guest appearance by radio DJ Robbie Buck
Rejected outright by Tropfest!

Breathtaking - Asthma, Ethics, Money

Article and Film Treatment by Robert Cockburn

Some of Australia’s most eminent doctors and scientists have been caught conning unwitting asthma patients into testing lung devices – without revealing these were experimental. That’s just the start of their dangerous violations exposed in a unique detective story that throws light on the insidious global racket of unethical medical companies and researchers who exploit patients.

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TRAC would like to hear from volunteers on the Sydney Woolcock Institute trial CH62/6/2017-119 testing Restech and PM Healthcare devices, and concerned patients, health workers, researchers and officials. Please contact:

Copyright Robert Cockburn, TRAC Productions 2021.

The Plane that Saved Australia – 1-hour film documentary

Reveals the incredible lost history of Australia’s WWII RAAF Catalina flying boat crews and their secret missions for America's legendary General Douglas MacArthur - in antique planes going slower than a family car, saved from the scrapyard and a romantic age.

Click for details on: The Plane that saved Australia

The Malaria Parasites– 1-hour film documentary

‘The fake drug racket is one of the greatest atrocities,’ says Dr Dora Akunyili who took on the violent criminal gangs who killed her sister with fake insulin, ‘Mass murder!’ But it’s not only criminals who leave patients to die, as a cover-up by UK pharmaceutical giant Glaxo Smith Kline reveals.

Click for details on: Africa - The Malaria Parasites

The School of Babel - 1 hour film documentary

A Sydney school principal’s ‘crazy’ scheme to cut English lessons to teach migrants their own languages sees English results shoot up! The award-winning documentary The School of Babel reveals an astonishing classroom experiment that saves violent non-performing Tempe High – and a surprise visit by Harvard University. What happened to the children of Tempe?

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Ferrari – Archive of Lost Dreams– 1-hour film documentary

Closed up for years, the archives of Italy’s racing car genius Enzo Ferrari are reopened - with stunning consequences. Forgotten blueprints are used again to rebuild lost classic cars. But there's a prediction: ‘The private car will die’ as the classics become art history. Go on a test drive!

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The Hotel Hibiscus – drama for stage and film

Wicked drama and satire is sparked as the young bus driver at the Hotel Hibiscus is shot dead in a Pacific island war. Who Dunnit? Soldiers? Rebels? Or the Australian peace negotiator?

Click for details on: The Hotel Hibiscus

Grow – 10 minute film

Made with Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove, the incredible story of a small, virtually unknown self-help group now attracting wealthy mental health too as they together defy Australia’s suicide crisis and save public spending – all free of charge

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Were Australian Aborigines the first astronomers?

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